Our Fees

Our Fees

Financial Planning Fees

We charge a financial planning onboarding fee of typically  $6,500. This ranges from $3,500 – $15,000 based on the complexity and/or services requested. After a financial plan has been delivered, a client can choose to continue working with us for ongoing assistance. Should the client also choose to use our investment management services, these services may cover ongoing financial planning costs*.

If a client does not utilize our investment management services, an ongoing financial planning fee will be charged.

Investment Management

Our investment management fees are as follows: 

1.25% first $1m
1.00% next $1m-$2m
0.50% any amount over $2m

Our minimum for investment management services is $500,000 per household. In certain circumstances, fees may vary based on a large amount of assets under management or additional complexities/client requests.

*Depending on client needs, complexities, and time commitment. All fees will be disclosed and mutually agreed upon before any work is completed. All fees are negotiable. Please see our Form ADV, found at the footer of this website, for more detailed information

CFP Fees at Prism Planning Partners