Investment Management

Investment Management

Share Your Goals & Values

At Prism Planning Partners, we believe on starting with the fundamentals when it comes to investment management, and letting your true objectives and the financial plan dictate how your assets should be invested.

What do we mean by this?

We place a great deal of importance on deeply understanding your goals and values before we can design an investment portfolio. This includes getting our arms around your risk capacity in a way that aligns with your true emotions. Does a turn in the stock market keep you up at night, or do you think that stocks are “on sale?”

After years of experience, study, and consulting with industry experts, Prism Planning Partners believes in transparency and efficiency when it comes to portfolio design. It’s very hard for one manager to consistently ‘beat the market.’ As such, we’ve concluded that diversification amongst many different sectors is crucial for long term portfolio success. This means we won’t be selecting “hot stocks” or timing the market.

Moreover, we know that expenses can drastically eat into investment returns, and as such, we believe in keeping fees low. We also employ tax management strategies, using techniques like portfolio rebalancing, loss harvesting, and low-turnover funds when appropriate.

After canvasing the marketplace, we’ve created a partnership with Dimensional Fund Advisors (“DFA”), founded by David Booth and Eugene Fama, a Nobel Laureate from the University of Chicago. Dimensional uses a concept of “factor investing” which is essentially indexing with human oversight.

It should be noted that although Prism strongly agrees with Dimensional’s philosophy, we are not bound to use this fund company exclusively. While we do employ indexing strategies to our portfolios, in certain situations, actively managed funds may also be utilized.