Why Prism

Why Prism

Hello From A Different Type Of Planning Firm

A financial planner typically analyzes the six main areas of your financial life: cash flow, taxes, insurance, investments, estate planning, and retirement. All of these items are organized for you, and synched with other goals you might share, such as as funding a child’s college tuition, purchasing a second home or feasibility of an early retirement.

At Prism Planning Partners, we certainly help you come up with a way to reach your quantitative goals. But, going beyond the facts and figures, we serve as your financial life planners. In fact, our defined process helps you communicate your values and goals to us clearly and succinctly.

What Does That Mean, In English?

We take our initial “getting to know you” stage very seriously so that we can craft a realistic plan that you’ll actually follow.

Prism Icon - StoryWe may ask that you tell us a bit about your past history with money.

Prism Icon - DecisionsWe’ll see how you and any other people involved make financial decisions.

Prism Icon - Solid understandingOnly after we have a solid understanding of your family, lifestyle, and goals, we’ll delve into your why. Why is it important for you to maintain a certain lifestyle, send your children to a particular college, or change careers? When we understand not only your family priorities but their significance, it provides us planners a guiderail when we create your initial plan.

Prism Icon - EducationWe’ll ask about your knowledge of your financial situation, and your comfort level when it comes to taking certain risks.

Prism Icon - UnderstandingWe’ll gain a deep understanding of your time horizon, i.e., when do you want to stop working in your current occupation? Or, is there another deadline that we might want to meet (such as, I’d like to buy a new house in the next 3 years)?

Prism Icon - Best PlanWe believe that the best financial plan is one that you’ll actually act on because it makes sense with your life. In order for that to happen, we need to do our job as planners and get to know YOU!