Tell Us Your Story

Tell Us Your Story

Tell Us Your Story

Anyone who is open to our help is a friend of ours! Tell us your story. Let’s discuss your challenges and goals and we bet you’ll find you aren’t as atypical as you think…

People falling into this category typically:

  • Have experienced a life event such as an inheritance, divorce, or change in family dynamics
  • Question their journey into elderhood and want to plan for their continued independence
  • Don’t fully understand what their money is doing for them, and would like to align their resources and values
  • Value a trusted financial partner to help offer clarity and guidance

Wherever you may be, we’re happy to shed some light.

Meet Linda

Linda (55) is an executive at a pharmaceutical firm who is recently divorced. She has two adult children who are done with college, and one has a baby on the way. Linda would like to retire in the next 10 years, and she has no idea if she is on track to do so. 

Linda likes to stay active and travel, so she wants to ensure her retirement plan incorporates funds so that she can continue to travel as long as she is able to.

Linda’s ex-husband handled all of their retirement investing and savings outside of her 401K through her employer, so she needs a financial advisor who can sit down and go through her half of the assets she received in the divorce and make sure her retirement assets are invested wisely. She would also like an advisor to help her create a financial plan that incorporates not only what she needs for retirement and travel, but also some money to help out with her grandchild’s and possibly additional grandchildren’s future college education.

Pain Points

  • Isn’t sure when she should/can retire.
  • What should she roll her 401K over to upon retirement?
  • Not sure if she is being too aggressive or conservative with her current investments.
  • She wants to continue to travel as long as she is able to.
  • She would like to provide some assistance to her grandchildren’s college funds.  But she is not sure how much she can commit.
  • She’s not very confident about managing money as her ex-husband did that so she’s not sure about how to find the right team to help her build a plan for her financial future.
  • She doesn’t want to outlive her money and be a burden on her children.