Retired or About to Retire

Retired or About to Retire

Retired or About to Retire

Modern times have brought a new definition to the term “retired.”

Some retired people start an encore career that keeps them more fulfilled than they have ever been before. Others work part-time, pursuing a gig or part-time job that provides extra cash flow while allowing them the freedom to pursue their passions such as blogging, travel or the arts. Others take a more traditional approach, spending time with relatives (especially grandchildren!) and occupying themselves with things that enrich them personally.

Whatever retirement means to you, we’re here to make sure you live these moments to their fullest enjoyment. As your financial planners, it’s our goal to make that happen.

Meet Mike and Kathy

Mike (66) just retired as a corporate executive from a firm where he worked for over 30 years. Mike and his wife, Kathy (64), have 2 children who live in separate areas of the country. Both Mike and Kathy have been diligent savers for years.

Kathy retired two years ago as an interior designer for a local firm. She had a 401K plan that she rolled into a Fidelity account but she isn’t sure if that was the right move. Mike has a substantial balance in his 401K account so he’s not sure what the best option is for investing it.  

They are considering downsizing their home of many years, as it’s larger than they need and it would give them more money for leisure travel and visiting their children and 4 grandchildren multiple times a year.

Mike wants to make sure he and his wife don’t outlive their money. He wants an advisor who will help make his money last and he would like to leave a legacy for his children.  

Pain Points

  • When should they both start taking social security?
  • Is Kathy’s 401k rollover invested correctly? 
  • They want to know how much income they will need now that they are both retired to maintain their standard of living
  • They are concerned about being too risky with investments once retired, but they want to ensure that they have enough income generation from retirement accounts.
  • They think they have enough money to leave a legacy for their family, but they aren’t sure
  • Considering if they should sell their large home and downsize
  • Mike wants an advisor who can help Kathy should he pass away first