Nicole’s 2020 Keynote Talks

Nicole’s 2020 Keynote Talks

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Put your Money where your Meaning is

Meaningful use of money has a special application for women who want to reach new heights in all aspects of life. In this 25 minute talk, Nicole Sullivan, co-founder of Prism Planning Partners, will teach participants:

  • What is meaningful money? Secrets of the highly successful.
  • Money meaning traps to avoid
  • 3 action steps you can take to put your money to work in more meaningful ways

How to Stand Out as a 29 year old Female in a world of 55 year old Males

Founding a company (and succeeding at it) as a young twenty something in the male-dominated world of financial services wasn’t easy. In this 25 minute talk, Nicole Sullivan, co-founder of Prism Planning Partners, will teach participants:

  • How to find allyship in a great mentor (and who to avoid)
  • The power of positive self talk
  • Tips for being relatable and creating a perception of value with people who are in some cases twice your age

About Nicole

Nicole Sullivan, CFP®, RMA® is co-founder and director of financial planning of Prism Planning Partners. Prior to founding Prism Planning Partners, Nicole worked as a financial planner, specializing in providing financial planning and investment advice to a high net worth clientele. She is also a frequent speaker on the topic of money and meaning as well as female financial literacy and empowerment.

As a co-founder of Prism Planning Partners, Nicole works closely with clients on their financial planning and investments, always putting their best interests first and helping to keep them in alignment with their goals as an objective third party. Nicole works with clients at all stages of their lives. However, she takes special interest in serving her Generation Y peers, helping many of them overcome the challenge of student debt and work to create a life of financial freedom.

Outside of the office, Nicole is a fitness enthusiast. She is also involved with several local charities, including Youth and Family Counseling in Libertyville and Horizons for Youth.

Education: B.S., Financial Planning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Designations: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA®)